Monday, December 7, 2009

The Easy Way

Sometimes being creative can be so exhausting and time consuming. I mean I am a BUSY lady and if you expect me to finish my online classes, mother two children and come up with every crafty, awesome idea all by myself.. well then I'm sorry it just won't happen.

Ok you caught me, my life isn't too crazy, besides the fact that those two kids i mentioned are female. Anyways, I get emails from Etsy all the time. which i usually ignore, and well tonight while I was lazily browsing my emails I opened an Etsy email to see what these Etsy finders were finding. and holy cow. it was some goodies. I plan to get started right away. Making them... for myself... of course...
Etsy, Thanks for the fabulous ideas.

First off for everyone who made fun of me for collecting spoons I say. HA IN YOUR FACE!
just look at these beauties!!!

I plan on adorning my christmas tree with my faves as soon as possible!

Not quite sure how to make these shoes yet.. but I WILL figure it out. (Kaira feel free to help with any suggestions)

Can not wait to have one of these for Baysil. Maybe it will help with less tantrum throwing during church? Ah who am I kidding, nothing is going to help those tantrums.

1 comment:

Fern said...

Those cloth crayon holder things always make me worried that the crayons are going to melt in it and ruin it.
BUT. I really like the shoes.