Saturday, May 23, 2009


From the Central Valley we headed down to Disneyland, Encinitas, back up to California Adventure and then a couple more days down at the beach in Encinitas. 

Baysil doing some relaxing coloring after the long day at California Adventure.

We sure got a lot of compliments for these killer shades!
She did get a little nervous while waiting in line for the Snow White Adventure ride.
Pretty much the best picture ever!
Down at moonlight beach... making friends.

We are pretty much enjoying the best day ever! We will sure miss getting to hang out on the beach every time we visit my family.

She got hit in the face a couple times by the waves, all she said was.. yummmmm, and licked her lips. 


Erik said...

I love love love these pictures. Baysil's lips are so full!!! What a pretty little girl.

Mama P said...

We will still have beaches in the NW ,but we will also have lakes closer mountains and lots of green. I think Bay wil want to visit her granny and grandpa Kim even more! We are counting the days until Winney is here!